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H2O Getaways Terms & Conditions Agreement

For a PDF copy of our Terms & Conditions please email us at info@h2ogetaways.ca.

H2O Getaways Terms & Conditions Agreement

1. Our terms and conditions apply in full, from the time the booking is confirmed. The person making the booking (the “Renter”) must 25 years old or over and guarantee they have the authority to and do accept, on behalf of their group, the terms of these conditions.

2. Once the confirmation email has been issued, all subsequent correspondence, will be directed to the Renter. The Renter is responsible for the accuracy of all personal information required.

3. A Booking Confirmation will be emailed to the Renter once reservation and payments have been confirmed by phone.

4. Cancellation Policy:
a) The reservation deposit is non-refundable.
b) There is no refund for inclement weather.
c) H2O Getaways reserves the right (but are under no obligation) to delay departure if weather conditions are not safe for water travel.

5. The minimum age to captain a Bareboat Charter is 25yrs old & must be regarded as reasonable and responsible by H2O Getaways. H2O Getaways reserves the right to not rent to persons they suspect are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

6. Proof of Competency must be demonstrated prior to departure after the charter boat safety check, completing the H2O Getaways safety briefing and onboard training. A Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) is required as well as a valid driver’s license or passport for all persons intending to captain and must be presented prior to departure.

Before motoring off on your charter, H2O Getaways will provide the captain(s) with a personal, detailed training session covering the operations and operating systems of the boat, as well as a Safety Check List and hands on guidance.

H2O Getaways will provide all of the safety equipment legally required by Transportation Canada. It is the renter’s (and captain(s)’) obligation to obey all rules and regulations required by all regulatory authorities governing the applicable waterways.

7. The Renter agrees that the Bareboat Charter will not be operated beyond the limits of Trent Port Marina and the Trent Severn Waterway between Locks 1 – 20. All charters depart and return to Trenton Lock 1.

8. The minimum number of people required to rent a boat is 2 adults, for easier handling in locks and when docking. The number of people on board may not exceed the maximum capacity for which the boat is licensed.

9. The occupancy of the boat cannot exceed the maximum allowable for the specified boat model. Children and infants are considered occupants.

10. PETS: Well behaved dogs are welcome, at the discretion of H2O Getaways. There is a fee of $25 a day/per pet and there may be additional cleaning fees required. Parks Canada and Trent Port Marina require all dogs to be on a leash at the locks and on Marina property at all times. Pets must not be left unattended at Trent Port Marina and must be crated if unattended elsewhere. Owners must always pick up after their pets. H2O Getaways does not supply pet life jackets.

11. Smoking, of any kind, is NOT PERMITTED ANYWHERE on the boat. If this is not respected, cleaning fees will apply and be deducted from your security deposit.

12. Alcohol and Cannabis: Never Drink and Drive. All applicable laws for alcohol and cannabis apply to a houseboat. Before anyone opens any beer or liquor, the boat must be anchored or securely tied to the shoreline. It is against the law to operate a vessel while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. It is the Renter’s responsibility to ensure that all applicable laws with respect to the use of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants are strictly adhered to.

13. Reservation Deposit:
  • At the time of booking, a non-refundable $500 deposit is required
  • 50% of the balance owing is due 60 days (or less) prior to departure
  • The remaining balance is due 30 days prior
  • If you are booking within 30 days of departure full payment must be made at the time of booking.
  • If the balance is not paid in time, your booking will be cancelled and we will retain your deposit and any other relevant charges
  • All rates are quoted in CANADIAN (CAD) funds and are subject to applicable taxes.
14. Security Deposit:
  • A security deposit of $4,000 must be provided at the time of departure.
  • The Security Deposit will be taken as a pre-authorisation on your VISA or Mastercard, prior to departure.
  • If you fail to provide a pre-authorised payment, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without further liability and without any right to a refund and you will not be able to continue with the charter.
  • A pre-authorisation payment means that instead of actually debiting funds from your card, we just put a temporary “hold” on the funds. We therefore recommend you ensure there are sufficient funds available on your card.
  • You will be asked to sign a form before departure confirming you fully understand your obligations in the event of any loss or damage to the boat, peripheral equipment or third-party property.
  • The security deposit will be applied to any outstanding charges including lost or damaged items, late returns, excessively unclean boats or damage resulting from negligent operation or activity on the boat.

15. All H2O Getaways Houseboats are insured.

16. H2O Getaways agrees to use its best efforts to ensure that the equipment is ready and available for the customer at the time of departure set forth above. In the event that the equipment is not ready or not available at the agreed departure time, and in the opinion of H2O Getaways Staff it can be made ready within 24 hours thereafter, H2O Getaways will pay for one night’s accommodations at a local motel or equivalent for the client’s party. In this event, pro rated fees will be refunded accordingly.

In the event that at any time following departure the equipment shall fail for any reason other than act or omission of the Renter, and H2O Getaways is unable to rectify the problem within 24 hours of notification, the customer may upon reasonable notice to H2O Getaways, bring the rental period to an end and H2O Getaways shall make a refund of the unused portion of the rental fee for the period. It is expressly agreed by the parties hereto that the extent of H2O Getaways liability to the customer upon the happening of any of the events referred to in this section shall be strictly limited to the remedies herein set forth. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage due to failure to provide a boat as agreed.

17. The Renter agrees to maintain equipment in a proper and safe condition while in his/her custody and in the event any defect should become apparent following acceptance, the Renter will immediately obtain instructions from H2O Getaways Staff. The Renter acknowledges that in such event continued use of the equipment without instructions from H2O Getaways Staff will be at his/her own risk and liability.

18. The Renter hereby releases and forever discharges H2O Getaways Inc. and its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, successors and assigns from all actions, causes of action, claims and demands for or by reason of any damage, loss or injury to person and property which has been or may be sustained in consequence of using the services of H2O Getaways Inc. whether such damages be sustained on the property of H2O Getaways Inc, on lands owned by Parks Canada, the Trent Port Marina or otherwise.

The Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless H2O Getaways, its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns, from and against any and all liabilities, losses, costs, damages and expenses, including attorney’s fees, claims suits and judgements in conjunction with the injury or death of any person or persons or loss or damage to any property of the customer arising out of or related to the equipment or conduct of H2O Getaways and its employees regardless of whether such injury, death, loss or damage results in whole or in part from any negligence of tort liability of any duty owed under contract or statute by H2O Getaways, it’s employees, its agents or otherwise.

In addition to the foregoing, and without limitation, the renter will be liable for any costs if:

  • we determine that your boat and/or equipment is returned damaged
  • there are direct costs associated with an incident during your charter
  • there is loss or damage caused to property belonging to a 3rd party
  • there is loss of revenue to H2O Getaways, for the duration of any repairs required

In this event, in addition to automatic forfeiture of the Security Deposit at the end of the charter, H2O Getaways reserves the right to pursue all other damages permitted by applicable law.

The Renter hereby acknowledges that any acts of negligence or reckless conduct shall include, without limitation:

  • operation of the watercraft under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or other narcotics
  • not having sufficient crew in charge of the boat at all times
  • having a person less than 25 years of age driving the boat
  • not being in control of the boat
  • not obeying local navigation rules and limits
  • neglecting the rules clearly outlined in the Pleasure Craft Operators Card License
  • other activities deemed by H2O Getaways to constitute negligent or reckless conduct
  • Not to propel or tow another boat unless given written consent by H2O Getaways Staff, provided this restriction shall not prevent the customer from providing assistance to another vessel genuinely in distress.

H2O Getaways, in addition to automatic forfeiture of the Security Deposit, specifically reserves the right to pursue all other damages as permitted by applicable law.

19. The Renter acknowledges that in the event of an accident, collision or other mishap involving the equipment, he/she will immediately notify H2O Getaways and provide a written report including particulars of all parties involved, any witnesses, as well as file an accident report as required by the Ontario Provincial Police. .

H2O Getaways may use all or part of the Security Deposit to repair any damage to the boat or its contents or Trent Port Marina facilities during the rental period, including without limitation, the costs involved in lifting the boat for a full inspection to assess any damage to the boat.

20. In the event that the costs associated with losses or damages suffered by H2O Getaways, as a result of any breach of the Renter of these booking conditions, if any, is less than the value charged to you, H2O Getaways will refund the balance of the Security Deposit paid. This will be refunded as soon as reasonably possible after the damage has been repaired or the repair costs have been ascertained.

21. In the event of any disagreement over damage or loss, H2O Getaways shall retain the full value of the relevant Security Deposit paid by the Renter until the matter is resolved.
22. At the end of your charter, following a satisfactory inspection of the boat and Trent Port Marina property by H2O Getaways staff, determining no apparent loss or damage to the boat, its peripherals, or Trent Port Marina, your pre-authorization payment will be cancelled. Depending on your bank, funds may not become available for up to 30 days.
23. Additional Charges:
  • All watercraft will be provided to you with a full tank of gas and must be returned full. If not returned full, you will be charged $3/L for missing fuel as well as an administration fee to cover the cost of the labour.
  • All watercraft will be provided to you with an empty waste water tank and must be returned empty. If not returned empty, a fee will be applied.
  • Easily accessible refuelling and pump outs are available at Trent Port Marina’s fuel dock at additional cost to the renter.
  • The watercraft must be returned to its departure slip at Trent Port Marina.
  • If not returned by the designated return time, a late charge of $50 per fifteen (15) minutes shall apply.